Hello World



It’s been a while since I dabbled on and off with blogging, but right now at this moment I’m willing to dive in again.

I used to have a blog discussing about games, with reviews, and game-related issues discussed. That was a time before let’s plays, vlogging, Twitch streams and the like. The video game world has evolved with many more independent critics emerged to complement traditional video game journalists.

And it was written fully in Bahasa. A mother tongue of mine that I felt very under-represented in the Internet at that time, which led me to a decision to write with a language that I have limited vocabulary in (I was struggling writing with Bahasa ever since secondary school). Now that there’s some people dedicated with the language, I can do something I feel¬†comfortable with.

On the Internet I am mostly known as meckronos. A gamer by interest, due to being raised by my dad who’s an avid gamer in the 80’s and 90’s. A programmer by talent and study- still struggling to finish a degree in IT, a very general field of study, in which I somehow had developed an affinity with a niche most people find tough. And a muslim not just by birth, but by choice: I have went through life just enough to enforce the belief that there is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is His prophet. However, I will always try to make my belief limiting any form of discussion. Not all muslims are bloodthirsty holier than thou people, you know.

So, expect some random Malaysian view of the world- from gaming (of course) to tech news and some random musings that connect them, and other topics I feel and find interesting.¬†Ads may appear later on, but for now it’s purely a passion project.

Hello World!


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