#MASJAN15 In Retrospect In Retrospect- A Postmortem of A Postmortem


Some brief notes of reflection on the process of how I crafted my magnum opus.

I once joked with a (now redacted) tweet I will be writing my magnum opus- I thought not many would ever go through reading them.

Over three hundred hits was received worldwide on day one, according the stats gather from the built-in WordPress tool.

In case you missed it: here’s the story.

The length.
It’s always a major weakness for me to write things really concise, and not make it lengthy. I’m trying to make amends on such criticism with this post.

Each sequel just got bigger and bigger. The length of each new part increased by twofold compared to one previously.

The process.
Retelling something you did is easy, crafting it into an engaging tale where the audience can follow every step? Not so much.

I figured out the best way to approach this is like how I create a Lego MOC. (My Own Creation, i.e. custom creations)

You begin with splaying all the parts you like and wanted to include, and place them around. Once done, tweak those placements, and if needed, add a few more detail pieces.

So I wrote parts what I wanted to include, move it here and there, and when editing, check for grammars and remove what’s deemed unnecessary fluff.

Despite the efforts, it’s still lengthy.

I was listening to this song over and over to this song to get the melancholic mood I was trying to achieve. (double-right click, loop.) It worked for the first two parts- those were written in the span of three days.

For the last part, it took a full week to get it done. I had to change to this tune which I love- the melancholy, and build-up- which fits the triumphant tone by the end of part 3, and loathe- dubstep. The constant feeling of bliss and horror- an uncomfortable sensation, pushed me to get the story done pronto.

Yes, I have a weird habit of listening the same song on repeat.

The writing style.
It was written in mind for the audience of people related to UTP, but still tried to not go in depth too much,just so anyone can jump in and follow the story.

The timing.
The first post was a viral hit. Here’s how it goes:

  • I posted the link everywhere, including mentioning it to lots of people.
  • Others share the article. Close friends, random bot accounts on twitter.
  • Something had gone viral in UTP, and everyone was on social media, so the tendency for more people to notice the article is pretty high.The rest of the parts? Not that well in comparison, but still good.. The trend died out quickly, and I was not fast enough to finish writing while interest was still high.

The outcome.
Personally, this is a great achievement, and would surely bring this up if a job interview asked me of it.

Throughout the process, I had come to realise the great efforts and finesse requires to write a convincing article. Now I frequently read the long articles published on WIRED that incorporates a writing style I like. Should be a good influence.

The future.
What will appear ahead of me I am not so sure, but if there’s a good experience to share, I might as well will.You never know how feel-good stories can help someone somewhere out there.

For now, I am committed to write what I feel confident in- games and anything I can relate to it, which is many things.

P.S: To those dubstep lovers- I mean no offence. 

P.P.S: If I ever did a #MASJAN15 In Retrospect In Retrospect In Retrospect- A Postmortem of A Postmortem of A Postmortem, it should go something like this:

The reason.
I wanted to do something off-the-wall before resuming with the normal schedule of posts. Writing #MASJAN15 In Retrospect is a challenge for the mind, and heart.

Stay tuned.

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