So.. Who Won E3 2015?


It’s E3 week, starting just before Ramadhan. Deemed as Christmas for gamers, where game companies gather in LA for a few days to release¬†new game related announcements, and let some lucky few try out upcoming blockbusters coming this holiday- actual Christmas, early next year or beyond.

This year it’s all about the press conferences. This highly-staged event showcases what the company has to offer, either it’s new big games, new sequels, surprising new IPs (Intellectual property), new tech, or maybe, just maybe, what fans always wanted in a super ideal-case study.

There are the three big three- Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Then there’s the big publishers EA and Ubisoft, along with old veteran Square Enix, and Bethesda, who’s made its first E3 press conference debut this year. And not to forget, the PC gaming show.

So let’s go one by one, in order who presented first, and my personal reaction to each of them, starting with… Oculus.

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Why It’s OK If Fallout 4 Has Terrible Graphics


Ever heard of the idiom “comparing apples to oranges”? Well, this would be the basis of my opinion about the newly revealed Fallout 4 trailer.

First, let’s understand the idiom. It’s about comparing two things on aspects that are incomparable. Of course an apple will be worse than an orange when you compared its sourness. Of course an orange is not as delicious¬†as an apple if your criteria of deliciousness has an extreme bias for crunchiness.

Moving on, let’s take three games and compare.

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