A 30-Hour Impression of Fallout 4



Fallout. Fallout never changes. From the below than your average AAA game graphics, to the janky-ness of its game engine filling the beautiful world with bugs and glitches galore, Bethesda’s latest work, 4 years since Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has finally released to the masses (12 million copies have been shipped, and broke the Steam record for most concurrent players playing for a non-Valve game). But the same problems still arise. For passionate fans of the franchise, or any Bethesda works of open world RPG, this is have become the norm.

After getting roughly 30 hours of play, here’s some impressions of what HAS changed that makes Fallout 4 a totally different experience compared to its predecessors.

No major spoilers. You have my word.

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How To Answer This SPM 2015 Question Using Videogames


It’s examination season right now in Malaysia, where school students, mostly 17-year-olds, have to sit in for the general examination at the end of their school years, the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM). In this day of age where social media is highly associated with most people’s social lives, especially Malaysians, stories of these students’ experience have been spreading.

But one particular story that has spread is an interesting one: a question in the History papers, that asked students to predict the future. Of the world.

This is interesting, as most of these exams would be formulaic- as the education system here focuses on exam results, so predictable questions are expected. Students are even trained to answer exam papers for preparation, where memorising patterns and texts will likely score better than having them understand.

Some reacted by saying it’s ridiculous to train students to be fortune tellers (more accurately “tok bomohs”), some acknowledge the push to make them be more visionary. Most agree this question is hard to tackle for students who are too used with drill training via mock exam papers.

As for me? I see a clear advantage for students who played videogames.

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I Made A Map in Cities: Skylines. It’s Not As Easy As It Looks


A few months ago, I was pretty addicted to the city builder game, Cities: Skylines. A lot of gamers love it too, and it’s constantly updated with new content to mess with via mods- modifications made unofficially by the community, as well as updates straight from the developer.

When I browse about the Steam Workshop, a one-stop shop for all mods to be hosted for games bought through Steam, I found a few maps made from locations in Malaysia. The Penang Island in particular, is quite popular.

Out of curiosity, I tried to make a map for a location in Malaysia. From the tutorials I read through, it seemed to be easy-peasy.

Boy, was I dead wrong.

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Great Games For Team-building and Bonding Exercises


Previously a list of great couch multiplayer games has been made, which mostly are geared for competition. But wouldn’t be interesting to have games that gear toward co-operation that is easy to pick up for even non-gamers?

Here are games that work well more than just co-op play. Ever need a to do team-building exercise for a group? Or maybe you need a more intimate team-building experience with a close friend or a significant other? Here’s some suggestions to help you.

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