[PS Plus Reviews] August 2016 Roundup


August 2016 does not disappoint for free PS Plus games. We got two indie games for PS4 this time, one a just released game and the other is a carry over of a previous PS Plus offering that did not make it for Asian regions. Add an action game for the PS3, a puzzler and a strategy game for the Vita, and one cross-platform shoot-em-up for PS4, PS3 and Vita, and you have a good variety of games being offered.

Tricky Towers


This is no ordinary Tetris game. Despite the use of tetrominoes, this physics-based puzzler requires you to build towers. Race, survive and figured out how to stack those blocks in a stable manner, as diabolical power-ups in the form of black magics can screw you over easily.

Also includes local and online play up to 4 players, which is the ideal experience!

Read the full review here.

Gone Home


The indie darling that sparked the whole “walking sim” (or rather, “experiential games”) where you just explore at your own pace and figure out the world and characters around it. Talking too specific about it could run the experience, and assumming you have access to it, it’s better to go in without no knowledge and piece together everything on your own.

For a spoiler-free review of how Gone Home works as a game, read here.



Ultratron may look like an ordinary top-down twin-stick shooter, then it actually is one. But fear not! This cross-buy title is a fun little tie waster if you love the simplicity of the premise- shoot everything and survive wave after wave of enemies. There’s upgrades to earn, supports 2-player co-op, but it shines when played on the Vita.

Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands


The fourth game of the modern Prince Of Persia series, The Forgotten Sands toned down the angst from Warrior Within, took lessons from the The Two Thrones and is a more consistent package of combat and platforming.

Set in between The Sands Of Time and The Warrior Within, you control The Prince as he faces of the Solomon’s Army that is attacking his kingdom. With the introduction of elemental powers, The Forgotten Sands offer some interesting dynamics to platforming sequences as well as combat.

Patapon 3


What if a strategy game crosses over with rhythm games? The Patapon series has been doing it in style, and its latest sequel, originally released for the PSP but now also available on the Vita, doesn’t disappoint. You are controlling a tribe and command them via rhythmic presses of the face button.

But this not just a series of small challenges. Patapon 3 feaures loot and upgrade systems to deck your tribes people with and a really ling runtime, so you won’t be done with it by in just a few days.

Nobunaga’s Ambition: Souzou


Also known as Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere Of Influence, this is a long-running series of Strategy games where you control one of the clans during the Sengoku Jidai where clans in Medieval Japan fight for power and control of the Shogunate.

Do note that this is the Chinese version of the game (no English version is available yet), and Sphere of Influence is actually an add-on to this game. As such, Souzou does lack a few features of the latest release, but it should be a good starting point if you ever want to dip into the series, assuming you can read Chinese.


August has more slower-paced games being offered contrasted to last month’s blast of action games, so it is nice we get a change of pace once in a while. All of them are pretty solid as a lineup, though it would be nice to see a big game coming to PS4 next month.

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