The Inaugural meckronos Game Awards Of A Certain Significance


2016 is ending and talks of Game Of The Year and awards are cropping up. Rather than do another rant post of the problems with this year’s Game Awards (again, plenty of good highs and terrible lows) I am inspired to start my very own list of awards.

Basing the idea of TotalBiscuit’s Arbitary Game Awards, where the focus is giving proper reason why the award exist and why that particular game deserves it, and also taking a hint from the Steam Awards where the categories can be a bit silly, the meckronos Game Awards of A Certain Significance (mGACS) is entirely subjective by own opinion, with certain awards aim to celebrate, criticise and maybe a bit of both.

Some categories may have special mentions, some may not because I came up with that awards just for that game. Because why not.

With that out of the way, here are the list of awards:

  • The “Development Hell Survivor” Award
  • The “Needs To Be In Early Access” Award
  • The “Game With The Wrong Name” Award
  • The “Flash In The Pan” Of The Year Award
  • The “Marketing Disaster Of The Year” Award
  • TheĀ “Episodic Game Of The Year” Award
  • The “Criminally Underrated Game Of The Year” Award
  • The “meckronos Game Of The Year” Award

And the winners are..

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