Understanding Why Malaysia Is Big Into Esports (Or Rather, Dota)


Over the years of my time covering games with Gamer Malaya (and now with Gamer Matters), I always thought of the ordinary mainstream games coverage- reviews, previews and news of the new games coming to consoles and PC. Never did I expect I had to watch game tournaments, follow personalities, and be invited to various esports events in Malaysia. Yet here I am.

I know, there are many mainstream gamers- as in gamers who play the latest releases on consoles and PC- here in Malaysia. Look at the crowd at PSX SEA earlier this month, the first public event for upcoming mainstream (and indie) games. But most events here focus on esports. Or even worse, just Dota. Dota. And only Dota.

Which irks the heck of the rest of the gaming community here. I get it. I used to be one of them as well.

I want to argue more about how to bring more publisher interest here in the Southeast Asia market, but that’s a topic for another time. Here, I want to share what I see to be why esports has such a major appeal in Malaysia.

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