How Could Malaysia Handle The Whole Fight Of Gods Debacle Better?


Oh Malaysia, going on news headlines for the wrong reasons again. Somehow, the government thought it was a good idea to block access to Steam- the biggest digital games distribution platform- just because they didn’t respond to requests to ban a silly Early Access fighting game involving various gods.

As someone who is more conservative, I totally get the reasoning to why the game deserves a ban here. Religious folks here don’t like their religion being mocked and poked fun of- I get that. But we could all agree that what the government did was far from how it should be handled.

It’s a frustrating experience, all the Malaysian gamers suddently got #potongsteam on the beginning of the weekend. It caused outraged, it generated many, many, headlines that put us in a bad limelight. Things could have gone better. This is not to belittle the mistakes, it’s to point it out and suggest something better so this would not happen again.

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