The Placebo- Or, “Have a Little Faith, It’s Just a Flesh Wound”


My brother was sick for a week. A week is a long time, and trying to catch up a week worth of study is not an easy task. From what I see, it’s not that bad. A common cold, some dizziness, and  a little bit of diarrhea. I kept saying – “this should be just ‘a flesh wound’. Fight it a bit, and you’ll get healthy in no time.” Rather, he seemed to just let it be, let the sickness get the better of him, which prolonged to a whole week.

The black Knight, having lost his two arms, still insists on fighting. "just a flesh wound", he says. (From Monty Python & the Holy Grail)

The black Knight, having his two arms severed by King Arthur, still insists on fighting him. “It’s just a flesh wound”, he says. (From Monty Python & the Holy Grail)

So, every morning that week, I just send my other brother to school. Apparently I was listening to Lite FM where they had a panel from a health expert, a doctor, to talk about common misconceptions of home remedies. One interesting question the DJs asked the doctor :”Is the Chicken Soup  good for your soul?”, referring to the common remedy of eating chicken soup, that can help any cure any common disease.

The doctor’s response, was pretty surprising. Continue reading