[PS Plus Reviews] January 2016- Grim Fandango Remastered


Disclaimer: This post is made as an entry for PS Asia’s PS Plus Junior Reporter competition. The points and views raised in the review however are not affected in any way.

Well this is a surprise. Grim Fandango is known to be one of the last great adventure games of the now-defunct LucasArts. Released in 1998, it’s actually the first foray of LucasArts into complete 3D games, leaving the legacy SCUMM engine, pixelated 2D graphics and point-and-click controls.

This game is directed Tim Schafer, now known for his company Double Fine, famous for Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, running the biggest crowdfunding game on KickStarter at the time, and an interesting Let’s Play series. Somehow Double Fine managed to recover this IP from the demise of LucasArts after Disney purchased LucasFilms- and its sub company LucasArts- and now re-released in a remastered form.

So, with some HD retextures and some changes made, does the Remastered version able to capture the nostalgia of the original, and make it accessible to the new generation of gamers? Read on to find out. Continue reading