Guitar Hero Live Might Live As Long As Ever


There’s a new Guitar Hero announced, as expected by the rumour mills. In case you’re not familiar, Guitar Hero is the music game that has once a phenomenon across the world. Along with its rival Rock Band (which shares a history- both series was started by developer Harmonix), everyone was into playing plastic instruments. It’s easy to pick up and play, anyone, even non-gamers, could easily join in. It was the go-to party game, the new karaoke.

Both series grows in popularity with each new iteration of their games, until they reached the plateau by the end of 2010. The popularity was a fad, and it fizzled out quickly afterwards.

Now,it is official that Guitar Hero is announced, as well as a new Rock Band announced earlier, plastic instruments are coming back.

But first, watch the trailer.

In case you cannot watch it, let me explain why I think the new game is doing something clever.

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