How to Play Videogames Responsibly


Or, “Some Tips to Hopefully Stop You Or You Children Being Chronically Addicted to Videogames”

Videogames, and playing one, has a sort of stigma among Malaysians. It’s a thing of luxury, only rich kids can afford gaming consoles. True during the PS2 and PS3 era, where spending RM2000 and RM4000+ is a huge expenditure, but now ironic when people felt a PS4, costing around RM1300-1500 expensive when most of them can afford RM2000+ iPhones. Apples and oranges comparison, but you get the point.

Another new stigma growing proponent among our society is how addictive it is. Now with more free-to-play games and mobile devices capable of running them grow more accessible, many new people have just got a taste of gaming. Unfortunately, some have grown quite an addiction to it, to point of parents seeking psychological help.

But what if we can prevent this from happening? Here’s some tips, for you the average gamer and you the parent of an average gamer, based on personal experience, on how to play games responsibly, so we all can still be productive individuals while still spend some time for gaming.

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How To Make Money Playing Videogames


You’ve seen the news, how Mr. Jamie Bateson supported his family by just playing videogames, in particular FIFA. Ever wondered, “Gee, I wish I could play games all day and get paid for it”?

What would be the butt of a joke- “You won’t be rich playing games! Go to work!” and “Haa go and play all the games you want till you full, no need to eat!”, now you can literally do so- figuratively, on the latter, you get full playing games because it earned you money to buy food, not outright eat those expensive discs.

Local mom jokes aside, now you can prove you parents wrong because there’s plenty of opportunities to earn money by just playing videogames, here’s a some options you can try out.

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How To Answer This SPM 2015 Question Using Videogames


It’s examination season right now in Malaysia, where school students, mostly 17-year-olds, have to sit in for the general examination at the end of their school years, the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM). In this day of age where social media is highly associated with most people’s social lives, especially Malaysians, stories of these students’ experience have been spreading.

But one particular story that has spread is an interesting one: a question in the History papers, that asked students to predict the future. Of the world.

This is interesting, as most of these exams would be formulaic- as the education system here focuses on exam results, so predictable questions are expected. Students are even trained to answer exam papers for preparation, where memorising patterns and texts will likely score better than having them understand.

Some reacted by saying it’s ridiculous to train students to be fortune tellers (more accurately “tok bomohs”), some acknowledge the push to make them be more visionary. Most agree this question is hard to tackle for students who are too used with drill training via mock exam papers.

As for me? I see a clear advantage for students who played videogames.

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How to Build the A Famosa in Civilization V


As a Malaysian, if I were to be asked on what’s interesting about my own country would be the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur with its pretty skyscrapers, and.. the historical city of Malacca, where the remnants of colonialism for the West is well preserved as a tourist trap attraction nowadays.

So, it’s interesting to see that some parts of Malaysia made cameos in Civilization V, a strategy, or more accurately a 4X (Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate) game using elements of world history. In the game, you can be any of the huge selection of historical civilizations, and try your best to build the civilization that can stand the test of time. There are also City-States, small, unplayable civilizations that do not compete with you, but may help or hinder progress, and two of them are Kuala Lumpur, and.. Malacca.


With the introduction of a new civ, Portugal in the last expansion: Brave New World, now you can create the signature trademark of Malacca, the A Famosa (pictured in the header) in your very own Civ V game!

Well, sort of. Let me explain.

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