A 30-Hour Impression of Fallout 4



Fallout. Fallout never changes. From the below than your average AAA game graphics, to the janky-ness of its game engine filling the beautiful world with bugs and glitches galore, Bethesda’s latest work, 4 years since¬†Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has finally released to the masses (12 million copies have been shipped, and broke the Steam record for most concurrent players playing for a non-Valve game). But the same problems still arise. For passionate fans of the franchise, or any Bethesda works of open world RPG, this is have become the norm.

After getting roughly 30¬†hours of play, here’s some impressions of what HAS changed that makes Fallout 4 a totally different experience compared to its predecessors.

No major spoilers. You have my word.

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