4 Reasons You Should Start Paying for Games Legitimately

Literally googled "pirate game malaysia"- this is the first image.

Literally googled “pirate game malaysia”- this is the first image.

Back when I call the small town of Teluk Intan, Perak my home, on some weekends dad will bring me and the family around the small town (now a growing, albeit poorly planned city in my opinion) and visit this one small shop at the Aik Aik Complex, a shop thrive full of CDs: games, movies, Malay telemovies, albums: you name it. The shop’s boss even recognized us, being regular customers and such. Never managed to brain how to get PC games working (don’t how to ‘crack’ it) so I spent my time with PS1, and later PS2 games. Games were dirt cheap: less than RM10 per CD, so at times when new releases start piling up, I asked a handful of titles in one go.

Those were the good old days.

Although the level of piracy is still astronomically high in Malaysia, there has been some awareness on the whole thing: raids by customs, local artists ranting they aren’t getting enough pay, yet using pirated software and materials are still commonplace.

But get this: there are legitimate reasons we do so.

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