Malacca Sultanate’s Era is Perfect for An Assassin’s Creed Game


Assassin’s Creed started strong. One of the biggest breakthrough for a new IP of last generation, the series expanded greatly in the highly-acclaimed sequel, but we keep on getting AC games year after year. Rumour has it we won’t have one this year.

Some years are stinkers- Assassin’s Creed III and Unity in particular- some are strong: last year’s Syndicate, and most importantly Black Flag, shows that the action-adventure franchise between two supposedly discreet organisations can expand to other locales, and provide interesting gameplay.

So here’s an interesting thought exercise, since Ubisoft insistently wanted AC to go for unique settings unexplored by other games (which is why we won’t see Feudal Japan and ninjas any time soon), why not they try something familiar, but fresh.

Think of Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, the pirate themed entry, but set in the Straits of Malacca before the the West arrived.

Just imagine..

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Extending A Game’s Life- Do DLCs and Free Updates Work?


How long would a lifespan of a game last?

In the early days of gaming, games are difficult by design due to their arcade heritage- where its business model is to ensure people keep coming back and put in more coins to progress, or the game designers have become terribly good with their own creation which made them to up the difficulty. Its rare for somebody to beat the game, a true test of skill.

Or maybe it was cheat codes.

Anyway, as time progresses, a shift of game design happened as games are designed for more players being able to see all the content offer. Nowadays, most games are beatable by the average gamer, some for a good 20-30 hours, some even in just one sitting.

The question of today is how do games present themselves to be valuable longer than just a playthrough? What if developers can provide more content than just what is in the disk?

On that point, let’s discuss about extending a game’s life.

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The Dilemma of Big-Name Franchises


Today’s world of gaming is a different landscape than its early days. Most of the biggest games coming in are form renowned, established franchises. Doing something completely different with a different name (or as the industry likes to call it ” new IPs” (intellectual properties) is a risky endeavor.

One example close to heart is the upcoming release of the self-titled Need For Speed (NFS 2015), I’ve seen many mixed reactions about one common ground: Is it Need For Speed? Does it deserve the name? It’s a question I ask myself too.

Need For Speed is not the only franchise in question. Tons of long-running franchise have seem to appear lately, some returning with a totally, radical change, while some stick close to what is supposed to be. This leaves fans of franchises being fans for different reasons, with different expectations. Thus, a predicament appears when a new game comes up as not all fans are happy about it. Continue reading

So.. Who Won E3 2015?


It’s E3 week, starting just before Ramadhan. Deemed as Christmas for gamers, where game companies gather in LA for a few days to release new game related announcements, and let some lucky few try out upcoming blockbusters coming this holiday- actual Christmas, early next year or beyond.

This year it’s all about the press conferences. This highly-staged event showcases what the company has to offer, either it’s new big games, new sequels, surprising new IPs (Intellectual property), new tech, or maybe, just maybe, what fans always wanted in a super ideal-case study.

There are the three big three- Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Then there’s the big publishers EA and Ubisoft, along with old veteran Square Enix, and Bethesda, who’s made its first E3 press conference debut this year. And not to forget, the PC gaming show.

So let’s go one by one, in order who presented first, and my personal reaction to each of them, starting with… Oculus.

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Playing The Crew Without A Crew- Is It Still Fun?


Back in early January, I was so pumped for The Crew, a racing game made by Ivory Tower and published by Ubisoft. I even used one its songs from its launch trailer for a small introduction in an event I joined at the time, because the tune is awesome.

Fast forward three months later, I finally got a copy on the PS4. The hype has died down. I’ve watched a few let’s play which just spoiled me something very interesting about the game. And I still have not found friends that I can play together.

So here’s the impression of my time playing The Crew, without a crew.

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